TSTM-DC / TSTMH-DC Motorized Torque Test Stand

The TSTM-DC Advanced Motorized Torque Test Stand offers all the mechanical specifications of the TSTM motorized test stand, including 100 lbFin (11.3 Nm) torque capacity, versatile modular design, quick engagement and disengagement of samples, fixture mounting plate, stepper motor design that prevents speed variation with load, and more.

The TSTM-DC offers expanded capabilities, including full PC control, programmable angle limits, programmable cycling, auto return, password protection, and other features

  • Maximum load: 100 lbFin (11.3 Nm)
  • Speed range: 0.01 - 15 RPM (0.05 - 90°/s)
  • Speed accuracy: ±0.2% of setting, ±0% variation with load
  • Digital display of angle 
  • Programmable angle limits
  • Rotational travel accuracy: ±0.7° / 0.002 rev.
  • Rotational travel repeatability: 0.1° / 0.01 rev.
  • Rotational travel resolution: 0.1° / 0.01 rev.
  • Throat: 4.10" (104 mm)
  • Manual adjustment: 12° / adjustment knob rev
  • Angle dial with 2° resolution 
  • Maximum slider travel: 15.5" (394 mm)
  • Slider travel rate: 1.047" (26.6 mm) / lever rev
  • Universal power supply: 80-250 VAC
  • CE mark
  • Series R50 universal torque sensors  Mount directly to the test stand. 6 capacities are available, from 10 ozFin to 100 lbFin (7 to 1,150 Ncm).
  • Force/torque indicators   Displays the torque value measured by the R50 sensor. Select from several models. 
  • Multi-function cable, indicator to controller  Connects an indicator to the controller. This single cable is used to transmit set points, overload signals, and torque data. 
  • Serial cable, controller to PC  For communicating with a PC for data output and PC control. 
  • RS-232 to USB adapter  Converts RS-232 to USB output. Includes USB cable and installation CD. 
  • Column extension  Column can be extended to custom lengths (see Ordering Information). 
  • Grips and attachments  A variety of grips and attachments are available.
  • Axial compensator   Allows for axial movement in threaded fasteners, bottle caps, and similar torque testing applications.