Ametek - US Gauge

Portable Test Gauges

U.S. Gauge 3” test gauge combine high accuracy, rugged construction and portability for a wide range of field and production testing applications.

The instrument is available in a durable ABS chrome plated case designs. Optional felt-lined cover protects window against scratching or breakage. Test gauges incorporate bourdon tube sensing elements for a wide selection of ranges from 30 up to 5000 psi. A knife-edged, adjustable pointer improves viewing and simplifies front zero calibration.


CASE ABS, chrome plated
RING ABS, chrome plated
COVER (Optional) ABS, chrome plated
WINDOW Polycarbonate
POINTER Knife-edged, black, adjustable
DIAL Steel, white background with black markings. Arc of calibration on model 1409 is 300º except 0 to 5000 psi range arc is 270º
MOVEMENT Geared with moving parts of dissimilar metals to minimize friction and wear
Phosphor bronze
Beryllium copper

30 through 1000 psi

1500 through 5000 psi
CONNECTION 1/4-18 ANPT low mount, brass
ACCURACY ±0.5% of span in 0 to 30 through 0 to 1000 psi (Grade 2A)
±1% of span in 0 to 1500 psi through 0 to 5000 psi (Grade 1A)