ESMH-DC Advanced Motorized Test Stand - Discontinued/Replaced by ESM303H

 The 100 lbF (500 N) capacity ESMH-DC Advanced Motorized Force Measurement Test Stand offers all the mechanical specifications of the ESMH motorized test stand, including smooth top surface ideal for coefficient of friction testing, integrated limit switches, stepper motor design that prevents speed variation with load, and more.

The ESMH-DC offers expanded capabilities, including PC control, programmable cycling, auto return, and other features.

  • Maximum force: 100 lbF [500 N]
  •  Maximum travel: 13" [330 mm], 12" [305 mm] w/optional travel display
  •  Speed range: 0.2 - 50 in/min [5 - 1270 mm/min] (speed range extensions available)
  •  Speed accuracy: ±0.2% of setting, ±0% variation with load
  •  Limit switch repeatability: ±0.001" [0.03 mm]
  •  Universal power supply: 80-250 VAC
  •  Mounting holes for bench mounting
  •  Removable loading plate with matrix of #10-32 threaded holes 
  • CE mark
  • A wide range of force gauges and gripping fixtures
  • Digital travel display  12" [300 mm] travel, 0.0005" [0.01 mm] resolution, 0.001" [0.03 mm] accuracy, SPC output for automated data collection. For output of travel data to a PC, the following items are required: 09-1066 cable and MRS100A communication adapter. Note: continuous data output rate is limited to 2 Hz.
  • Multi-function cable, gauge to controller  Connects a Series 4, 5, or 7 force gauge to the controller. This single cable is used to transmit set points, overload signals, and force data. 
  • Serial cable, controller to PC  Bi-directional communication with a PC for computer control. Also sends force data from the controller to a PC. 
  •  RS-232 to USB adapter  Converts RS-232 to USB output. Includes USB cable and installation CD. 
  • Eye End Adapters  Allow for quick grip installation and removal, and prevent grip rotation. Mount to common test frames, load cells, and force gauges