1300 Series Autopsy Scales

The CHATILLON® 1300 Series mechanical hanging scales feature a large, 13-inch (330 mm) double dial with chrome-plated housing.  Scales have large numerals and graduations for easy reading.  Scale capacity is achieved in 3 dial revolutions.  Dials are glass-covered with one dial reading clockwise and the other counterclockwide.  The dials feature bold black numbers and graduations with a contrasting red pointer.  Two brass dashpots eliminate pointer oscillation for accurate, stable readings.  Stainless steel pinion and bronze rack combination ensure low friction performance even in elevated temperatures.  A zero adjust screw allows for tare outs up to 10% of dial reading (3.3% of scale capacity).  Scale may be supplied with bottom hook or removable pan.  The removable pan is constructed of 300 series stainless steel and features drain holes per USDA specifications.  Scales include holding loop.

  • Temperature Compensated Dual Spring Mechanism 
  • No Pointer Oscillation 
  • Dual 13-inch Reading Dial 
  • Full Capacity in Three Revolutions 
  • Hook or Pan Attachments 
  • 1 Year Warranty