Lloyd Instruments

TG 4452 XY Table with Automated Control

TG4452 is a computer controlled XY table designed for repeat automated testing applications. The table illustrated has been configured to test the performance of rubber stoppers on multiple glass phials via penetration tests using hypodermic needles. It is fitted to the base of a LLOYD INSTRUMENTS or CHATILLON single column materials testing machine and is fully controlled via a specially written program using NEXYGEN™ MT (with Ondio) data analysis and control software.

The XY table is divided into three sections consisting of a quick-change rack which can accommodate up to 40 syringe needles and another for holding up to 40 glass phials each fitted with a rubber stopper. A third section incorporates a removeable bin in which used needles are deposited.

An upper pneumatically operated grip is programmed via the software to automatically pick up a hypodermic needle removing it from its plastic cover. The table is then moved under computer control to correctly position the rubber stopper on the appropriate glass phial under the hypodermic needle to begin the penetration test. This process is repeated using the next needle and the next phial until the tests are completed. Using NEXYGEN software, there is also the facility for pumping distilled water through the body of the hypodermic needle into the glass phial to enable any rubber residue to be flushed out and measured.

XY table, upper pneumatic grip and control module with pump. The pneumatic supply and control is not included.

This XY table with NEXYGEN MT and Ondio Software is specially configured to perform three different tests:

1) A one point needle penetration test to measure the resistance force of the rubber stopper.

2) A five point penetration test including flushing out the needle with distilled water to assess any rubber residue remaining.

3) A self-sealability test (the needle is inserted 25 times into the rubber stopper in a random pattern).

This jig has not only been invaluable in gathering test data, significantly the user of this particular model has benefited from a huge time saving. The XY table has allowed three different tests to be performed on 40 sample phials in approximately three hours. Previously, the same quantity of tests would have taken a human operator up to a week to perform!


Maximum Capacity: 100 N (22.5 lbf)
Minimum Loadcell: 20 N (4.5 lbf)
Table Capacity: Accommodates up to 40 phials and 40 hypodermic syringes and a removeable bin
Temperature Limits: Ambient