Universal V-Jaw Grip

For gripping round objects. Serrated, reversible aluminum jaws effectively grip a wide range of sample shapes and sizes. Mounts directly to Series STH and STJ torque sensors, and Mark-10 force test stands.

This grip can be used either manually with an STJ torque sensor or MGT torque gauge, or in test stand controlled applications, using our Series TST torque test stands. If used with a test stand, this grip complements our G1023 bottle grip.

A B C ØD1* ØD2*
3.1 [78.7] 2.0 [50.8] 1.6 [40.6] 1.10 - 1.55
[27.9 - 39.4]
0.65 - 1.10
[16.5 - 27.9]
Model No. Capacity
lbFin [Nm]
lb [kg]
G1053 100 [11.3] 0.39 [0.18]