Chatillon Lloyd Instruments

TG35 Coefficient of Sliding Friction Fixture

This fixture consists of a horizontal flat bed incorporating a suitable clamping device and a sled. The underside of the sled has a layer of smooth-faced foam rubber.

100 N, 22.5 lbf

Includes fixture, clamping device and sled.

Used to determine the static and kinetic coefficients of friction of plastic film and paper when sliding the specimen over itself under controlled test conditions. A sheet of the specimen is clamped securely to the horizontal bed and another sample of the specimen is clamped to the underside of the sled.

This measures the force required to overcome the frictional resistance between the two imposed surfaces, when one surface is moved relative to the other along their plane of contact. The static coefficient of friction is determined by the force required to overcome the initial resistance between the two surfaces.

Standards Applicable
NEXYGEN™ MT Software is required to measure coefficients of friction to conform to the following standards:ASTM D1894, BS2782.

Model Part No. Description
TG35 01/1173 Coefficient of Sliding Friction Jig
NEXYGEN™ MT 40/0658 NEXYGEN MT Applications Software.