Lloyd Instruments

TG34 Thin Film Vice Action Grip

General purpose thin film vice grips, with easy to operate screw action. Each grip is fitted with flat, square, rubber coated jaw faces.

Tensile testing of paper, rubber, thin plastic film, textiles, waxed paper and films containing slip additive by stretching a sample to break and recording the relationship between force and extension.


Maximum Capacity 500 N 112.4 lbf
Minimum Load Cell 20 N 4.5 lbf
Maximum Sample Width 25 mm 1.0 in
Maximum Sample Thickness 3 mm 0.1 in
Eye End Diameter 15.85 mm 5/8 in
Weight Each 0.5 Kg 1.1 lb
Length Each 75 mm 3.0 in
Temperature Limits Ambient