Lloyd Instruments

TG32 Lightweight Spring loaded Clamp Grip

Lightweight, Spring loaded, rubber faced clamp grips for very light loads(mechanical testing of steel wire).


Maximum Capacity 5 N 1.1 lbf
Minimum Load Cell 5 N 1.1 lbf
Maximum Sample Width 5 mm 0.2 in
Maximum Sample Thickness 1 mm 0.04 in
Eye End Diameter 15.85 mm 0.62in
Weight Each 0.1 Kg 0.2 lb
Length Each 100 mm 4.0 in
Temperature Limits Ambient  

Tensile testing of fine wires, threads and fibres by straining a sample, generally to break, and recording the relationship between force and extension to determine one or more of the following mechanical properties:

Elongation Stress
Percentage Elongation Tensile Strength
Extension Yield Strength
Percentage yield point extension Yield Stress
Percentage reduction of area Proof Stress
Maximum force Youngs Modulus