Lloyd Instruments

TG210 Self Tightening Scissor Grips

General Purpose, self tightening grips for dumbbell and flat specimens. The jaw faces have a cross hatch serated surface with a pitch of 1.5mm.


Maximum Capacity 10kN 2248 lbf
Minimum Load Cell 50N 11.2 lbf
Maximum Sample Width 100mm 3.94 in
Maximum Sample Thickness 35mm 1.38 in
Eye End Diameter 15.85mm 0.62 in
Weight Each 1.5Kg 3.31 lb
Distance Between faces 35mm 1.38 in
Temperature Limits 0°C +200°C 32°F +392 °F

General purpose grips for tensile testing of rigid flat materials ranging from metals to composites by stretching a sample to break and recording the relationship between force and extension.