Lloyd Instruments

TG167 Collett Grip for Hollow Tubes & Bars

Collet Grip with circular sliding wedge action and initial capstan tightening. Size of collets should be specified to match the sample diameter. A series of additional colletts are available as shown below.


Maximum Capacity 100 kN 22481 lbf
Minimum Load Cell 500 N 112 lbf
Sample Diameter 12 - 45 mm 0.5 - 1.8 in
Eye End Diamete 31.7 mm 1.25 in
Weight Each 5.75 Kg 12.7 lb
Temperature Limits Ambient  


Tensile testing of hollow tubing and solid bars to determine one or moreof the following mechanical properties:

Elongation Stress
Percentage Elongation Tensile Strength
Extension Yield Stress
Percentage yield point extension Proof Stress
Maximum force Young’s Modulus of Elasticity
Model Part No. Description
TG16 01/1392 Split Shoulder Profiled Chuck grips for Metal Dumbell Samples
TG24 GPS/0015/00 Flat Metal Dumbell & Plate Samples Chuck Grips
TG153 01/1555 Chuck Grips for Pre-Formed Cement Samples
TG33 01/1052 5 N (1.1 lbf) Lightweight Tension Grip
TG167 01/1607 Collet Grip for Hollow Tubes & Bars