Lloyd Instruments

Circular Compression Jig with Linear Bearing Guides

Circular compression jig with linear bearing guides to maintain parallel alignment of face plates.


Maximum Capacity 2.5 kN 562 lbf
Minimum Load Cell 100 N 22.5 lbf
Max Sample Diameter 115 mm 4.5 in
Eye End Diameter 31.7 mm 0.62 in
Weight of Upper Platten 2.5 Kg 5.5 lb
Temperature Limits Ambient


Compression testing of corrugated cardboard and paper products. A test piece of corrugated cardboard or paper is placed between the platens of a crush tester with the flutes perpendicular to the platens. It is then subjected to compression until failure. The maximum force sustained by the test piece is measured.

Note: The platens may be faced with a very fine abrasive paper, but where this is done, care must be taken to ensure the faces remain flat and parallel.