Lloyd Instruments

TG113 Peel Jig for Determining the Peel Strength

The TG113 jig has been designed to perform 90° peel strength tests on laminated layers of any type of standard plastic identification card, including credit and debit cards, loyalty cards and membership cards in accordance with the peel strength test method specified by the internatinal standard ISO/IEC 10373-1:2006(E).

The grip clamps the prepared card test layer so that the peeling angle of 90°is maintained during measurement.

Suitable for performing 90° peel tests on plastic identification cards in accordance with ISO/IEC 10373-1:2006(E).


Maximum Capacity* 200 N (44.96 lbf)
Minimum Recommended Load Cell 20 N (4.5 lbf)
Test Layer Width 10 mm (±0.2 mm) (0.39in) (±0.008in)
Eye End Fixing Size 15.85 mm (0.6in)
Temperature Range Ambient  

Note*: Gripping force is dependant on the COF of the sample

Model No. Part No. Capacity Description
TG113 01/3645 200 N
(44.96 lbf)
90° Peel Jig for Credit Cards