Lloyd Instruments

TG 5346 Peel Fixture for Yoghurt Pot Foil Seals

The TG 5346 fixture consists of an angled platform that can slide along the base plate and be locked into position by thumb screws to enable the edge of the foil lid of the container to be positioned on the machine centre line. A fully adjustable clamping arm which can move vertically and horizontally according to the sample size, secures the container at the predetermined angle on the testing platform.

A top fixture (Model GF-11), connected by a non-elastic cord to the upper boss on the testing machine, grips the container foil. The machine’s crosshead is driven upwards to test the force needed to peel the foil from the container.

500 N (112.5 lbf)

Adjustable lower fixture with clamping arm, adapter for anchor pin mounting, GF-11 wedge grip, non-elastic cord and upper boss to fix to machine loadcell.

Ideal for assessing the peel strength of yoghurt pot lid seals and similar sized food containers.


Maximum Capacity: 500 N (112 lbf)
Minimum Loadcell: 20 N (4.5 lbf)
Sample Diameter: 50 - 80 mm
Eye End Diameter: 5/8 in
Temperature Limits: Ambient