Lloyd Instruments

TG 5093 Plastic Film Covers on Food Container

The TG 5093 fixture consists of a small upper spring loaded wedge grip to clamp the film container cover, and a horizontal sliding bed fitted with a 'dish holder'. A mains operated vacuum pump with associated piping and vacuum control valve is used to apply vacuum to the 'dish holder' to retain the food container securely in position during the test. The wedge grip is fitted to the supplied threaded adapter and connected to the upper anchor pin on the load cell.

The sliding bed fixture is connected to the lower anchor pin. Once the pump is switched on, the food container sample may be positioned in the holder and the vacuum control valve adjusted so that there is sufficient force to restrain the dish when the plastic cover is peeled off. The sliding bed is positioned so that the loose part of the cover is located below the upper wedge grip. By lowering the moving crosshead, so that the wedge grip is just above the dish, the two levers of the grip may be squeezed together to open the jaws, allowing the edge of the cover to be positioned into the jaws. The levers may then be released and the test carried out.

500 N (112 lbs)

Upper wedge grip and adapter, sliding bed fixture with 'dish holder' and vacuum pump and piping.

Ideal for assessing the peel strength of heat sealed film covers on food containers.


Maximum Capacity: 500 N (112 lbs)
Minimum Loadcell: 100 N (22 lbs)
Sample Diameter:  120 mm (4.724 in)
Eye End Diameter:  5/8 in
Temperature Limits: Ambient