Lloyd Instruments

TG 4635 Bollard Grips for Fiber Optic Cable

TG4635 consists of a pair of bollard grips specifically designed for tensile testing of fibre optic cable up to 5 mm (0.196 in) in diameter. The cable is wrapped around the bollard and the free end of the sample is clamped firmly in place. This configuration allows grip stresses in the sample to be distributed uniformly around the circumference of the bollard.

10 kN (2248 lbf)

Pair of bollard grips

Used to assess the tensile strength of fibre optic cable

Optional Surface Coating
Optional rubber coating to the circumference of the bollard is available.


Maximum Capacity: 10 kN (2248 lbf)
Minimum Loadcell: 100 N (22.5 lbf)
Bollard Diameter: 100 mm (3.94 in)
Maximum Sample Diameter: 5 mm (0.196 in)
Eye End Diameter: 15.85 mm (5/8 in)
Weight Each: 0.45 kg (0.99 lb)
Temperature Limits: -70ºC + 200ºC (-94ºF + 392ºF)