G107 Score Bending Fixture

Used to produce a 90° bend in fiber board materials and plastics. Conforms to TAPPI standard T829. Set of upper and lower dies.

  • Set of upper and lower dies produce 90° bend in corrugated board and plastics
  • Meets the requirements of TAPPI T829
  • Fixtures are easily removable
  • Maximum force: 50 lbF (250 N)
  • Mounts directly to the following test stands: ESM, ESM301, ES30, TSC1000, TSF, TSFM500, ES10/ES20 (when ordered with optional 14-1068 mounting plate). A motorized test stand is required to fufill the test speed requirement of TAPPI T829.
  • Weight:
    Upper die:
    0.15 lb [0.07 kg]
    Lower die: 0.30 lb [0.14 kg]
ModelNo. CapacitylbF[N] Weight lb [kg]
G1071 50 [250] Upper: 0.15 [0.67]
Lower: 0.30 [0.14]