Lloyd Instruments

LASERSCAN 200 Non-Contacting Laser Extensometer

The Laserscan 200 is a versatile, non-contacting laser extensometer.

A bright red scanning beam illuminates the sample and gauge markers. making it easy to set up and align. The Laserscan 200  includes four gain settings allowing it to be used over a wide range of gauge lengths without adjustment to its calibration or position.

It incorporates a digital display, which is used to facilitate calibration and provides a continuous readout. The instrument has an analogue output (0-10 V), which allows it to be interfaced with all Lloyd Instruments test machines and most other materials testing  equipment by other manufacturers.

Two reflective markers denote the gauge length of the sample. The Laserscan senses the leading edges of these markers and is  unaffected by their shape, making accurate setting of the gauge length a very simple procedure.

An 80 Hz laser beam sweeps the axial length of the specimen, illuminating and detecting the position of the gauge markers. As the  sample is stressed the markers separate and any movement is measured. The Laserscn 200 is supplied with an adjustable stand to allow accurate positioning for different length test specimens.

The Laserscan is suitable for use with a wide range of materials with varying ductility including plastics, film, rubber and textiles. It  eliminates the problems associated with contacting extensometers making it particulary suitable for elastomeric samples where the pressure of knife edges on a contacting extensometer could induce local stresses and weaken the sample.

Specialist punches for applying reflective tape targets can be ordered separately.


  • Suitable for high elongation samples
  • Used for tension testing
  • Non-contacting extension measurement eliminates any stresses being introduced to the sample by knife edges associated with contacting extensometer types.
  • Easy to set up and align
  • Can be used over a wide range of gauge lengths without the need to adjust its calibration and position
  • Can be used with other makes of test machines


Gauge Length: 10-2000 mm (0.39-78.7 in)
Elongation Range: 10-2000 mm (0.30-78.7 in)
Accuracy: ±0.5% of working length
Measurement Principle: Ratio non-contacting
Signal to Noise Ratio: 72 db
Scan Frequency: 80 Hz (nominal)
Analogue Output: 0-10 V
Supply Voltage: 220/240V ac and 110/120V ac
Power Requirements: 100 W max
Item Part No
Extensometer Bracket for Thermal Cabinet                                                         07/1708
Punch to Apply 2 mm Targets 01/1159
Punch to Apply 4 mm Targets 01/1156
Grey Reflective Tape 50/0336
Free Standing Extensometer Stand (supplied) 07/1719