Lloyd Instruments

NEXYGENPlus Data Analysis and Materials Testing Software

NEXYGENPlus multi-lingual materials testing software is the hub of the Lloyd Instruments materials testing system. This extraordinarily easy to use and flexible software, allows the operator to control and monitor all aspects of the system from a single front end, ensuring fast, reliable and powerful testing and data analysis for tensile, compression, peel, creep, relaxation and flexural test applications.

With NEXYGENPlus, the user can simply select from the extensive library of pre-defined test set-ups based on international standards, to set up a routine test or create an advanced, user defined test set-up, such as a multi-stage test, all using the same program. Still picture and video capture are also included in the software as well as a powerful security and audit trail module to provide 100% traceablity, full automation capability for automatic testing and much more.

  • Large built-in library of test methods meeting international standards such as ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO
  • Video capture system allows playback of synchronised video and graph. Ideal for post test analysis of product and  component testing
  • Still picture capture system allows still images of the sample to be captured throughout the test and used in post test analysis
  • Configurable front end
  • Advanced data analysis and reporting features
  • Export data to Microsoft® Office, SPC or LIMS packages
  • 100% traceability provided by security and audit trail module enabling manufacturers to comply with the requirements of    FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • ISO TickIT approved
Model Part No. Description
NEXYGENPlus 40/0771 NEXYGENPlus Materials Test and Data Analysis Software
NEXYGENPlus L 40/0774 Additional Licence Agreement
NEXYGENPlus U 40/0771/U Upgrade from NEXYGEN MT Software to NEXYGENPlus Software