Pesola Spring Scales

Medio Spring Scale

Precise and handy Spring Balance with durable anodised aluminium tube and long scale of high resolution. Tare and zero adjustment. Swivelable, rotatable and removable suspension bow, guided in a ring. Lower suspension swivels, rotates and can be easily changed using different accessories. Measurement of breaking forces up to 1000 g (optional drag pointer no. 4.012 recommended). A multifunctional long life measuring instrument for weighing and measuring traction forces. Optional pressure measurement with accessory – two functions in one instrument. Always ready for use, needs no batteries. A time-tested original Swiss quality product.

All Medio Line scales can be easily transformed into pressure measuring instruments (dynamometer) with the accessory pressure set (item No. 4.004) within seconds. With this, the Pesola Medio Line scales can be used for measuring pull and push force – two functions in one measuring instrument.
The lower suspension of the Pesola Medio Line can be changed with the innovative „click and go“ system wthin seconds.

Pesola spring scales, the precise measuring instrument for industry, trade, research, education, office, building access and security, agriculture, hospital supplies and much more.

  • Capacity 25 N
  • Division 0.2 N
  • Color bordeaux
  • Precision +/- 0.3%
  • Tare (zero adjustment) ~ 20%
  • Exchange of lower suspension "click and go" system
  • Standard suspension Hook
  • S (Scale length) 100 mm
  • L0 (Length without load) 225 mm
  • Lm (Maximum length) 325 mm
  • Lp (with optional pressure set 4.004) 300 mm
  • Ø (Diameter) 12 mm
  • Components non-corroding (spring only protected)
  • Net weight 38 g
  • Gross weight 52 g
  • Measuring position free choice
  • Calibration by user not applicable (only by manufacturer)Rupture tests up to 1000 g / 10 N
  • Manual DE/EN/FR/IT/ES/PT/NL
  • Packaging transparent designer case
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Country of origin Switzerland (CH)
Part# Description
4.004 Pressure set accessory
4.012 Drag pointer(bag w/10 pcs
4.042 Strong Clamp
4.046 Yarn Clamp w/eye-clip
4.053 Adaption Bolt M3
4.680  10 buttons w/15m thread
41.43005 Internal tube for scale 43000/5