Lloyd Instruments

STGA High Resolution Strain Gauge Extensometers

A general purpose precision extensometer, designed  for a wide range of materials  including metals,  plastics,  composites and ceramics.

The STGA extensometer operates in tension,compression and cyclic testing modes. Its dual flexure design permits higher frequency operation, while eliminating sensitivity to vibrations.

The extensometer is supplied with an attachment kit to allow quick, one hand mouting to the sample.


  • Tests specimen through failure
  • Suitable for axial tension, compression and cyclic testing
  • Overtravel safety stop eliminates risk of damage
  • Interchangeable components: arms, spacers and steel knife edges
  • Meets ASTM E83 Class B-1, ISO 9513, Class 0.5
  • Simple one hand mounting to sample.


Measurement Principle: Full bridge strain gauge
Accuracy: 0.5%
Maximum Clamp Opening: 25 mm (0.98 in)
Maximum Elongation: 10%, 20%, 25%
Selectable Gauge Lengths: 10mm (0.4 in)25 mm (1 in)50 mm (2 in)80 mm (3.2 in)
Temperature Range: -40° C to +100° C
Excitation: 10 VDC typical
Output: 2-4 mV/V nominal
Item Part No
Amplifier kit for LRX Series Machines 01-2252
Item Part No
Amplifer kit for LR Series* and LS100 Test Machines 01-1966