Lloyd Instruments

FTPlus Friction Tester

Friction Tester to ASTM D 1894, ISO 8295 and TAPPI T549
The FTPlus is a bench mounted, single lead screw dedicated friction tester. Conforming to the requirements of ASTM D1894, ISO 8295 and TAPPI T549, the tester includes these standards as user configurable tests, with a further seven available for user custom configuration.

Three XLC load cell options are available: 10N, 50N or 100N. One optional load cell is included as standard with the tester. A friction table is mounted directly on the machine, with a full set of accessories to achieve the ASTM, ISO and TAPPI requirements.

User configurable test screens allow for final movement limits, calculation limits (relative and absolute), sled weights and dimensions. A high-resolution encoder is used to measure the sample extension and also to provide high accuracy speed control. The crosshead is driven by a high precision servo-motor and DC servo system to achieve a wide range of speeds throughout the full load range.

The machine is microprocessor controlled and is operated from the integral control console, which enables tests to be quickly and easily set up and performed. Large, positive feedback membrane switches with tactile and audible feedback enables test parameters to be established in conjunction with the backlit 4 line liquid crystal alphanumeric Display.

The machine may be programmed to perform up to 10 different tests and the statistics for each type of test are automatically calculated including static coefficient of friction, kinetic coefficient of friction, peak load and average load. Up to 600 samples can be stored in any of the test setups. The FTPlus is a fully self-contained instrument, however an RS232 is provided to allow computer control using Lloyd Instruments NEXYGENPlus material test and data analysis software if required.

The FTPlus may also be configured as a universal testing machine to perform tensile, compression, flexural and other mechanical tests up to 1kN (225lbf) with the appropriate grips and fixtures.

  • Conforms to international standards for friction testing including ASTM, ISO and TAPPI
  • Dedicated friction table supplied
  • Dedicated user interface for calculating static coefficient of friction, kinetic coefficient of friction, peak and average load
  • Can perform user configurable tests plus seven tests available for custom configuration
  • Intuitive user interface
    - Menu driven with intelligent prompts
    - Membrane keypad with tactile teedback
    - High resolution, backlit LCD display
  • Saves up to 600 test sample results
  • Universal eye end
  • XLC Series load cell options:10N, 50N and +100N (Accuracy 0.5% of reading)
Model Part No. Description
TG112/LF 01/3277/LF Friction table accessory for use with LFPlus test machine only
TG112/LRX 01/3277/LRX Friction table accessory for use with LRXPlus test machine only
TG112/LR 01/3277/LR Friction table accessory for use with all LRPlus Series test machines (except for the LFPlus and LRXPlus machines)