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ETC series Easy Temperature Calibrator

Heats up by up to 100°C / 212°F per minute and completes a full dualpoint test in less than 10 minutes, including stability time; timesavings at your fingertips! The ETC- series is designed for field testing of temperature measurement devices.

The small size and light weight make it a perfect instrument to verify sensors in difficult to reach places.

All JOFRA ETC units have many of the same useful and timesaving features offered in the more advanced JOFRA dry-block series.

Designed for people who perform tests and verifications of temperature sensing devices in the field. This instrument is ideal when time is a critical factor and the highest accuracy is not a critical factor.

Reduced size and weight are important considerations because the unit is able to fit into a tool box or instrument carrying case and can be used for sensors that are difficult to access.

One-key-one-function user interface provides immediate access to setting the temperature and the auto-step timesaving function. There is no need for manipulation of sophisticated menus.

The Stability indicator provides audible and visual prompts when the temperature is stable. This function also includes a 3 minute countdown before the stable condition.

Stainless steel and rubber side panels make the instrument suitable for many years of faithful duty in an industrial environment.


  • Temperature ranges
    ETC-125 A     -10 to 125°C / 14 to 257°F
    ETC-400 A     28 to 400°C / 82 to 752°F
    ETC-400 R    28 to 400°C / 82 to 752°F
  • Fast calibration saves money
    Heats up as quickly as 100°C / 212°F perminute and stabilizes in just 3 minutes. Completes a 2-point test in less than 10 minutes
  • Extreme flexibility
    The small size makes it perfect to store in a tool box and to check temperature sensors that are difficult to access
  • Fully-featured despite the small size
    The multi-information display shows actual and set temperatures, a stability indicator, and a stability countdown timer
  • Timesaving features
    Fast one-key-one-function access to set the temperature and the auto-stepping function
  • Documentation made easy
    RS232 communication interface and JOFRACAL calibration software are part of the ready-to-use standard delivery
  • Easy IR calibration
    Standard delivery of the ETC-400 R includes JOFRA IR-LAB software enabling the user to calibrate IR thermometers with a fixed emission factor setting
  • Complete marine program
    Part of a complete program of marine approved temperature, pressure and signal calibrators; including temperature sensors


Temperature range @ ambient temp. 23°C / 73°F
ETC-125 A
Minimum @ ambient temp. 0°C / 32°F
Minimum @ ambient temp. 23°C / 73°F
Minimum @ ambient temp. 40°C / 104°F

125°C / 257°F

-18°C / -0°F

-10°C /14°F

6°C / 43°F
ETC-400 A  28 to 400°C / 82 to 752°F@ 23°C
ETC-400 R  28 to 400°C / 82 to 752°F@ 23°C
ETC-125 A ±0.05°C / +0.09°F
ETC-400 A ±0.15°C / +0.27°F
ETC-400 R ±0.3°C / ±0.54°F


  • A wide range of features and Specs available in a DataSheet.
Part no. Description
122832 Cleaning Brushes - 4 mm - Package of 3 pcs
60F174 Cleaning Brushes - 6 mm - Package of 3 pcs
122822 Cleaning Brushes - 8 mm - Package of 3 pcs
125002 Edgeport Converter with 4 pcs of RS232 ports
124094 Carrying Case for ETC Series