Cone Probes

Cone probes are supplied with a range of angles, from 15° to 90°. The selection of the appropriate cone is, in some cases, dependent upon the testing standard, or alternatively can be selected appropriately for the consistency of the material being tested.

Cone probes have been used for many years, particularly on penetrometers, for testing building industry products such as sealants and mastics, and the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries for testing creams and pastes. Cone probes are useful for determining the spreadability of dairy products such as margarine, butter and spreads.

Probe No. Cone Angle Max Load Screw Fitting Part No.
FG/CO15 15° 500 N (50.9 kgf, 112.5 lbf) M6 (1/4in) 01/2688
FG/CO30 30° 501 N (50.9 kgf, 112.5 lbf) M6 (1/4in) 01/2689
FG/CO45 45° 502 N (50.9 kgf, 112.5 lbf) M6 (1/4in) 01/2690
FG/CO60 60° 503 N (50.9 kgf, 112.5 lbf) M6 (1/4in) 01/2691
FG/CO90 90° 504 N (50.9 kgf, 112.5 lbf) M6 (1/4in) 01/2692