AWS - Advanced Witness Series

2500 Cap Closure Tester

Manual and Automatic Cap Closure Test Stands

Our systems ensure that the torque or load values measured are not influenced by an operator, side load, undue compressive load, or any other induced error. Such influences are removed by incorporating a bidirectional variable speed motor, cap and bottle adapters machined or molded to match the test article, automated axial alignment, accurate transducers, and minimal bottle deformation.

  • Unique design of fixtures and automatic controls allows the motor and transducer to do all the work, eliminating operator variability.
  • Robust for production line testing, accurate enough for quality control in lab testing situations.
  • Efficient, one button Auto-Test mode enables the operator to test more bottles in less time. Cycle times of under 10 seconds are possible on automated systems.
  • Measures and verifies cap "on" torque and cap "off" torque (with on-torque option.)
  • Individualized and accurate design of components accommodates most bottle sizes and thread configurations.
  • Integrated bottle height sensor eliminates manual limit adjustments ensuring fast setup times.
  • RS-232 output available standard.
  • System accuracy of ±.5% of indicated reading, traceable to NIST.

Unique features include:

  • Cap-height sensor. No set-up adjustment for different bottle heights EVER!
  • Interchangeable Torque Transducers allow one maching to test your whole product offering.
  • Pneumatic grippers for no-slip holding.
  • Base position sensor returns the base to the same start position every time.
  • Self centering jaws never need adjusting: perfect axial alignment every time.
  • Non-motorized systems available for production-line bottle cap testing. Model AWS-3000C.
  • Pneumatic base fixture eliminates all operator adjustments.
  • Calibration standards for metrology and production line verification. Verify system accuracy without removing the stand from the production line. All traceable to NIST.